How to trade forex for free

How to trade forex for free

Forex trading is becoming one of the most popular online industries for making money. There are literally hundreds of online brokers to choose from and this can be a complicated decision, especially when you have just started trading. Whilst some of these brokers invite new traders to open accounts with them based on their excellent reputations and tight spreads, others have developed introductory offers which allow traders to trade forex for free. Although this sounds almost too good to be true, these brokers are easy to find and their offers mean that you can start to trade forex without risking a single penny.

What is an introductory offer?

An introductory offer is often presented by a company as an incentive to attract new traders to join its services. Many spread betting and binary options companies offer these and, as the industry is so competitive, these are often exceptionally good.

An example of such an offer which will allow new traders to trade forex for free are those which offer cash back against losses or those which simply credit your account with a fixed amount of free capital once you have made your first deposit. Both of these types of offers are very common amongst spread betting firms and are a great way to start your trading career. For new traders, this provides the ideal chance to begin trading without having to worry about losses and gives them a free introduction to real-time forex trading.

Trade real-time markets for free

Real-time trading is about using live prices and genuine market data to trade forex . This is essential for new traders who want to learn under the same conditions that professional and full-time traders operate. It is a great way to gain both experience and practice and to test the profitability of new strategies. Many forex brokers offer the option of opening a demo account using their platforms, live data with unlimited access to charts and analytical tools. This is both an excellent way to learn to trade forex for free and also to test the platforms of many of the biggest and best brokers on the web.

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