Why trade binary options?

Binary options are the exciting new way for traders to speculate on price fluctuations across a broad range of markets. Binary options are also considered the most straightforward, and also potentially the most profitable, way for traders to predict the future price of stocks, commodities and forex. The idea behind binary options trading is that the trader does not have to be precise about how far price will move in any given direction but simply predict correctly that the short-term options will close above or below a specific strike price determined when opening the trade.

One of the most important aspects of trading binary options successfully is the choice of platform and binary options platform reviews offer an excellent opportunity to compare these.

Binary options platform differences

Binary options trading is available 24 hours per day and many platforms also offer weekend trading with some very high returns. Binary options work by offering traders a pre-determined profit level prior to purchasing options so the profit and potential losses on any one position will be known in advance of a trade being executed. By using binary options platform reviews the levels of these profits can be compared, with many brokers offering between 65-90% profit for regular options trading and up to 500% for weekend options. Different platforms also offer different tools such as special binary options where price must hit a certain target price level during the week. All of these differences become easy to compare using binary options platform reviews.

Platforms make all the difference with binary options

The choice of platforms to trade binary options is incredibly diverse and a good place to begin to compare these is with binary options platform reviews. These platforms not only vary in style, look and feel but also in the trading features that they offer. Some platforms, for example, specialise in providing very short-term binary options such as 60-second options whilst others focus on providing great profit opportunities and weekend trading tools. The only way to compare these comprehensively to suit your needs is to use binary options platform reviews.

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