Automated Forex Trading Robots Or Manual Futures trading – Is There A Happy Medium?

Recently there has been a lot of talk, or maybe it is just hype, about the effectiveness of “Forex trading robots” and how they can quickly help you turn a large profit while you are sleeping or away. The first thing we need to do is discuss exactly what a trading robot or expert advisor (EA) really is. An EA is an automated program that is electronically coded with a trading strategy that will preform trades without human input once it is initiated. It has no ability to add logical thinking or emotions to it trades.

I truly believe that when trading both common sense and good judgment are a requirement. Therefore, when it comes to EA’s, I feel they are some that are of good quality, but you have to find the one that is right for you and will trade the way you like to trade. A quality trading robot is designed to analyze your trades, preform your entries, stop your losses, adjust itself to the changing market conditions, and close your trades with out any emotion, whatsoever. It is possible to find EA’s that can be programmed to use your trading strategy or adjusted in a way that the robots own strategy will work more like yours.

Before you commit to using one of these emotionless tools, you should first consider the following questions: How long was it back tested for? What is its proof or history of winners and its percentage of losers? What is the reputation of the company offering it? What exactly is it designed to trade? It is advisable to be cautious of claims that state a robot can trade anything in the markets. Take the time to research these claims by doing a Google search and checking it out on the different blogs and forums.

However, I also feel that an experienced trader would be the type of trader who would benefit “the most” from an EA. A trading robot is sure to add to his/her trading techniques and the various things he/she uses to analyze trade indicators. This type of software would make even an experienced trader more confident when deciding if it is good to enter a trade, which is a problem that many experienced traders still struggle with.

I truly believe to let an EA trade an account without human input would be very “foolish and risky”. To get you to see this from a different angle, answer this question: Would you get on a plane if you knew that it would only be controlled by the “auto-pilot”, without any human input? I know I wouldn’t feel safe.

Keep in mind that no matter what is advertised by these Automated Forex Trading Robots, you can still lose everything. Do you think I am exaggerating? Well, then I suggest that you spend a few minutes perusing the fine print in the purchase contract regarding the responsibility for investment performance.

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