Justforex Liar. Study JustForex.

Justforex Liar. Study JustForex

JustForex, which was established in the year 2012, is an online forex trading brand owned and managed by the parent company called IPCTrade Inc. The company is based in Belize and regulated by the Financial Services Commission under International licence number IFSC IFSC/60/241/TS/16. Although JustForex is newly established brokers, it has to go beyond a short few years to bring together traders faithful. This can be associated with great trading conditions have been able to offer this trader's JustForex. Brokers have a wide choice of trading accounts for peniaganya to needs are their specific trade. The available options include account Cent, Standard account, Mini account and Zero ECN account. In addition, the spread is tight and the leverage offered by JustForex is as high as 1:3000.
JustForex strongly believe that the key to success of the company will depend on key personnel, people who will be at the forefront and develop long-term relationships with clients. Thus, JustForex has gone through hard work to ensure that there is a team of professionals on hand to help traders when they need help. Become successful need a lot of things to worry about. By supporting their traders with their dedication, JustForex hopes to provide an opportunity for traders to not distracted while focusing on their trading activities.

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Reliability JustForex-is JustForex a scam?

Due to the relatively young age JustForex, it is understandable that traders might want to mempertanyakan reliability this broker. Good luck JustForex understand this concern and seeks to calm their fear.

First, JustForex has ensured that it is voluntary-controlled brokers submit to surveillance rules with Belize International Financial Services Commission (IFSC). By following the standards and international law, JustForex customers can be assured that funds and their personal data securely stored and confidential. Besides having the right surveillance regulations, JustForex also use the latest technology and standards in the web protection. For example with security standards PCI DSS, data are not only protected from unauthorized access while it is transferred between the server and the client computer but JustForex also encrypted in storage as well.

Trading Platform JustForex

To ensure that traders can obtain the most out of their trading conditions, JustForex has been providing their clients with the trading platform MetaTrader 4 (MT4) proven industry developed by MetaQuotes Software Corp. There are 4 versions of MT4 trading platform for merchants to choose from:

MetaTrader 4 Desktop

Desktop MT4 was the embodiment of the concept of trade "all in one". About 80% of forex trader MT4 platform desktop world. User friendly, the main advantage of MT4 desktop include:


  • The ability to trade directly from charts </li >

  • The ability to trade with a variety of instruments and financial markets

  • Customizable with programming language MQL 4

  • The implementation of the Execution of the trading orders

  • The renewal of real time market news

  • Internal e-mail Support

  • Supports multiple time frames

  • Support one-click trading

  • Print chart support

  • Supports a wide range of trade orders such as message waiting and trailing stops

  • Supports automated trading with expert advisors (EAs)

  • Technical Selection Of Various Technical

JustForex WebTrader

Desktop browser version of MT4, JustForex is one of the few first broker to introduce WebTrader to online trading community. Designed to be user friendly, very suitable for WebTrader beginners because kesederhanaannya. However, experienced traders will also appreciate the movement which can be given by WebTrader. Other benefits include: WebTrader


  • 9 different time period

  • The ability to trade a range of financial instruments

  • The ability to see trading history

  • Platform compatible browser

  • May trade directly from charts </li >

  • Characteristics of real-time interactive chart wrapped

  • Execution of Market orders

  • No download and installation needed

  • Support offline mode to chart </li >

  • One Click Trading Supported

  • Real-time quotes price assets

  • Supports a variety of messaging market

MetaTrader 4 iPhone

In view of the popularity of mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads, it's just become a dealer would like to time prior to trade financial markets in their smartphones as well. With MetaTrader, trading application iPhone JustForex dealers can now also access their trading account and trade market with iOS devices. IPhone features including MetaTrader:


  • 30 kinds of technical indicators

  • Access to the full forex trading platform

  • Full mobility

  • Real time chart

  • Real time quotes

MetaTrader 4 Android

Just like the iPhone, now the powerful MetaTrader android devices will also have the same movement and trading provided by MetaTrader Android.

Account Type JustForex

There are 4 types of trading account at JustForex. They include:

Cents Account

1:1000 Leverage

34 forex pairs + 2 metal

5 decimal quotes

Commission Free

Float floating from 0.3 pip

Trade labeled u.s. denominated

Mini Account

57 forex pairs + 2 metal

5 decimal quotes

Commission Free

Demo A/C available

Float floating from 0.3 pip

1:3000 Leverage

Standard Account

1:3000 Leverage

5 decimal quotes

57 forex pairs + 2 metal

Commission Free

Demo A/C

The spread of floating from 0.1 pip

Zero ECN Account

Interbank Spread from 0 pip

1:500 leverage

Low Commission

5 decimal quotes

Demo A/C

forex pairs 84 + 3 metal

Open An Account

To open an account at JustForex, you must first fill out the registration form.

After submitting the registration, you will be directed to a page "opening the first account" as shown below. Follow the steps shown below to complete the account opening stage.

Step 1: check the box "I was Traders".

Step 2: Define your role. Once you have determined your role, you will automatically be directed to a new page.

Step 3: on the page "open First Account", select the type of account (# 2).

Step 4: Specify the ratio of # # (leverage) that you want to trade.

Step 5 &amp; Step 6: set and confirm your password.

Step 7: click (# 6) "open account" to create your account.

Conformity JustForex &amp; The spread

JustForex offers traders they spread floating competitive. Dissemination may be dependent on the type of trading accounts traded by dealers. In addition to the exemption of ECN trading, all made from the account Cents, NDD is Classic and Commission free. For ECN, Commission of $2.5 each lot can be used. The following table shows the average spread imposed by the JustForex at 10 of the most popular instruments.

Assessment tools The average spread (Cents, Mini, Standard &amp; ECN Zero)
EUR/USD </strong > 0.3-1.1, 0.3-1.1, 0.1-1.1, &amp; 0-0.2
EUR/GBP </strong > 0.4-0.4-1.8, 1.8, 0.3-1.8 &amp; 0-0.5
USD/JPY </strong > </td >

0.3-1.7, 0.3-0.2-1.7, 1.7 &amp; 0-0.4
GBP/USD </strong > </td >

0.3-0.3-1.3, 1.3, 0.1-1.3 &amp; 0-0.5
USD/CHF 0.4-1.9, 1.9, 0.4-0.3-1.9 &amp; 0-0.5
EUR/CHF 1.8, 1.8, 1.8 &amp; 0.3-0.7
EUR/JPY </strong > 1.2, 1.2, 0.8-1.2 &amp; 0-0.6
XAU/USD (gold) </strong > 0.6-3.7, 3.7, 0.6-0.5-3.7 &amp; 1.1
Xag/USD (Silver) 4.2, 4.2, 4.2 &amp; 0.8
USD/CAD 0.4-0.4-2.1, 2.1, 0.3-2.1 &amp; 0-0.5

JustForex &amp; Deposit Production Options

To make trading forex online is really affordable for everyone, JustForex does not charge a minimum deposit on their trading account. A trader can start trading with an amount that he felt comfortable with. Transfer of funds in JustForex is also easy with various methods of funds transfer are supported by JustForex. A variety of this method include the following:


  • Bank Wire Transfer

  • China Union Pay

  • DixiPay

  • Epayments

  • FasaPay

  • International credit cards such as VISA and MasterCard

  • Local Bank Deposit


  • Perfect Money

  • QIWI

  • Skrill

  • WebMoney

  • Western Union

  • Yandex

The above method can be used for both deposits and withdrawals. In addition, JustForex also provides traders with the option to transfer funds to the JustForex Prepaid MasterCard. With this card, all transfer of funds accelerated. The normal processing time for requests production in JustForex is about 2 hours. However, it can take up to 7 days before funds appear in the merchant's bank account.

Bonus JustForex &amp; Promotion

For bonus offers in JustForex, at the moment there is only one bonus offers available, i.e. "Double Bonus". To take advantage of bonus offers that you need would be for traders to put minimum deposit $100 into a Mini account (Classic and NDD accounts also for the customers old) and $200 to the Standard and select "get Bonuses on deposits" in the form of deposit. Then, specify the level of bonus because they are available as 10%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. When making a deposit, the trader's trading account will be credited with a total bonus. Although the profit earned in trading bonus can be withdrawn at any time, the bonus can only be withdrawn after the minimum trading volume requirements are met. Calculation for minimum trading volume requirements are as follows:


  • &lt; The number of lots &gt; = &lt; The total Bonus &gt; /4 for Classic, Mini, Standard

  • &lt; The number of lots &gt; = &lt; The total Bonus &gt; /3 for NDD accounts

Customer Support JustForex

For customer support at JustForex, available support services per day. Traders may contact customer support via email, live chat, call back request and on blackberry messenger. This site is also translated in many different languages for the benefit of non-English-speaking merchants. For traders on the basis of Malaysia and Indonesia, the local support available.

The pros


  • Customer support 27/7

  • Local phone support available

  • MetaTrader 4 is given

  • A wide selection of trading account

  • There Are No Minimum Deposit Requirements



  • The limited territory with Localized support

  • Only Trading Platform MetaTrader 4 available

  • Only controlled by the IFSC

  • Poor Site Layout

JustForex Q &amp; A

Do JustForex regulated?

Yes. JustForex controlled by the organizer of the Belize, IFSC

How how safe JustForex?

JustForex using the latest technologies and comply with international standards regarding the security of their websites.

Where basic JustForex?

JustForex based in Belize.

How does JustForex make money?

JustForex charge a small Commission to the merchant and spread a little spread on any trade conducted.

How to deposit in the account JustForex?

Deposits can be made through the local bank deposit, bank card transfers, credit card and through a variety of eWallet.

How to withdraw money from JustForex?

Cash withdrawals through Prepaid MasterCard, internal transfer bank card, credit card or eWallet.

How to open an account with JustForex?

Fill out the registration form and follow the instructions on the account opening.

Is JustForex reliable?

Yes. JustForex follow international standards relating to the handling of their customers.

Does JustForex use Metatrader?

Yes. JustForex using the trading platform MetaTrader 4.

What is leverage JustForex?

Maximum leverage is 1:3000 JustForex.


JustForex is a great broker for both experienced and inexperienced beginners. Policy "No Minimum Deposit" they ensure that everyone is able to open a trading account directly at the JustForex. In addition, the flexibility they allow scalping making JustForex a very good choice for experienced day traders.

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