What Forex Terms You Need To Know To Get Started

When you’re starting out with getting used to Forex marketing, one of the main tools you’ll need before you start out: become familiar with the terminology. Entering the Forex trade market really is like entering a foreign country- without having to learn the grammar. Here’s what Forex is and the average terms used within the Forex trade market.

What exactly is Forex? Forex stands for ‘Foreign Exchange Market,’- an international trade market that’s based on currency pairs.  You buy in one currency, and sell in the other, or vice versa.   The pairs are listed in base currency, such as the British pound, and a second currency, for example the Swiss franc.  There is a quote currency (aka ‘pip’) which is the smallest unit of price between the two.  You use leverage, which is a deposit that controls the larger money.  The entire Forex system is based on the prediction of market trends and buying or selling to profit.

 Does Forex work?  Typically, by using a broker  or adealer, you set up the currency pairs you want, and settle on a trade margin.  The good news about trade margins is that you can invest a relatively small amount of money and result in high profits.  On the other hand, if you get amargin call it means that you’ve lost most (if not all) of your investment.  To monitor these, you can use Forex robots (also known as Forex automated systems or Forex indicators) like the new Fab Turbo program, to help you keep track.


How does Forex work?  In the bid price, the market buys specific pairs depending on their shares in the Forex. Or you can use the ask price to buy from the market the pairs it’s selling.  The difference between these two amounts is the transaction cost (subtracting the bid price from the ask price).  When one of your pairs goes up in value, you can sell to make a profit and when the market goes down you can buy a pair you think will increase in value.  You can also use technical indicators to help you decide, by finding out what used to be sold and when, and what is being sold or bought now.


The Forex terminology isn’t too difficult to get a grasp on, but if you’re planning on experimenting in the Forex market you’ll need patience and dedication. The system looks deceptively easy, though some have been able to profit from it. As long as you don’t try to jump in when you aren’t sure about the Forex terms, this is a very good place to begin.

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