The 5 Books Every Forex Trader Reads

There’s a lot to learn when you’re starting out with Forex trading. The details, the terminology, the choice of whether to get a trading mentor program or a Forex broker and which systems you should be using. But after some time, you’ll find you want to challenge yourself- or brush up on some basics. These five books are the top 5 that are in most Forex traders shelves, to be read and then used as hand guides. In no particular order (they’re all really useful):

A Foreign Exchange Primer:  It’s a primer in the original sense of the word- a basic skeleton to use for building up information. You need the basics, clearly outlined, with steps to take in each situation. It’s a great reference book and is still a surprise how information-filled it is.

Foreign Exchange:  A Practical Guide to FX Markets. Ok the Primer is the base, and this is the muscles of finding your way around the Forex trade. It includes great tips, warnings and guides you from a low-level to a higher level of Forex trading, without making you feel swamped with all of the terminology.

FX Bootcamp Guide:  I’m sure you can guess the general intention of this book, but it’s been hugely popular of late. It doesn’t speak down, but clarifies, demands and motivates you towards pushing your Forex trading and having the skills to do it. Highly recommended.

International Money and Finance:  Before you get put off by the image of wading through immense amounts of information, realize that if you really want to do Forex trading, it’s a necessity getting to know the rest of the market. Think of this as very in-depth reference book you’ll end up dog-earing over time.

Currency Trading For Dummies:  There’s always a use for this type of book, when you don’t have the time or the patience to go through the entire index looking for ‘that number’ or that method, this is a great do-it-yourself-Forex-without-panic.

A lot of the Forex market books or Forex trade books are published by Wiley Trading, where you can also find the latest listings of books or catch up on some that you missed.

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