Starting Your Forex Hedge Fund

November 10, 2017 - Uncategorized

You want to quit you day job, and what you’ve heard about Forex hedge funds sounds almost too good to be true.  Doing minute-by-minute trading and making a profit- from the comfort of your laptop- and doing it legally.  While it’s certainly not nearly that simple, there are many that go into Forex hedge funds and make a healthy income.  If you’re seriously considering starting a Forex hedge fund, here are some points to be aware of:

A few other things to keep in mind:  Forex hedge fund trading involves patience and time.  You can quit your day job, and work for the 1-2% AUM (Assets Under Management) with an average of a 20% fees from the net gains annually.  But that usually comes with time and effort.  Another tip:  when you’re starting out, find your initial clients in your private circle.  They could be family or colleagues, and you’ll have more confidence in starting out.  You can do Forex hedge fund trading full-time- as long as you’re willing to go through the necessary steps.

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